Delegate your ads or be coached 1-on-1

To go from $50 to $500 / day and more in advertising

Delegate your advertising campaigns

1-on-1 coaching for your ads

Delegate from A to Z

Intelligent delegation in advertising campaign management goes beyond simple monitoring of KPIs. It’s an alliance where every aspect, from targeting strategy to constant adjustment, is expertly taken care of.

By entrusting me with this responsibility, you offer yourself a source of efficiency, creativity and continuous growth. Delegate the management of your campaigns with confidence, and together, let’s take your advertising presence to new heights.

How I grow your advertising account in 5 steps

1. Detailed analysis of previous campaigns
I dive into the data to uncover what worked, what can be improved, and create an advertising strategy that leverages past learnings to maximize future success.
2. Constant innovation

I test new advertising concepts to boost your click-through rate (CTR), thus optimizing each ad for maximum performance.

3. Perfecting Targeting for Optimal CTR and Improved Return on Investment (ROAS)

I constantly refine targeting parameters to maximize the effectiveness of each campaign, ensuring more robust financial results.

4. Strategic expansion

I explore new markets through extensive testing, opening up exponential growth opportunities to scale your advertising account at scale.

5. Decryption of successes

I spot our advertising wins, then amplify their impact by judiciously optimizing and expanding the advertising account, ensuring continued, meaningful growth.

Coaching 1-on-1

Personalized support to unlock your potential

For already well-trained marketers, 1-on-1 Coaching becomes a tailor-made experience, a strategic session dedicated to refining your skills and overcoming the specific challenges of scaling.

These personalized one-hour sessions go beyond standard advice, offering advanced insights to boost your existing strategies.

Unleash the full potential of your marketing skills with support that goes straight to the point, allowing you to achieve unparalleled levels of success in the advertising arena.

Success Stories

“With Antoine, I was able to strongly develop my brand and see significant growth. The results speak for themselves, at the beginning of the year, I saw my sales increase by 60% compared to the previous months.”

Alice Lima

"Antoine is absolutely fantastic. His expertise has greatly contributed to our company. I have nothing but good things to say about him! I highly recommend it."

France Dechberry

“Antoine is the real deal with Facebook and Instagram Ads, he helped us change the dimension on the subject!

Michael Schwartz

"Antoine was a great help with Meta campaigns and the collaboration with him is very pleasant. I recommend him without hesitation!"

Geneviève Lebel-Gaudreau

How to apply for my support?

Book a first initial call to analyze your situation together.

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